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BeOS & Derivatives Since I encountered BeOS 5 Personal Edition, my experience with BeOS PE led me to purchase the BeOS 5 Professional Edition, which I used for some years. I am not ashamed to say that I love using this OS. After the demise of Be Corp., I still used BeOS as my "main OS" since it would do everything that I needed to do, except for gaming and academic works. I closely followed all the developments of the BeOS contenders after Be's fall... Until Zeta OS became the leading standard for a short time. I purchased every Zeta OS release that YellowTab produced. It is currently my favorite BeOS version today.
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CD audio, SMP
by StephenBeDoper on Wed 21st Oct 2009 16:44 UTC
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I would love to see how Haiku would perform on a quad-core processor system that is built to gaming specifications.

You probably won't notice much difference with the system itself - although video/audio encoding should be noticeably faster. BeOS (and presumably Haiku as well) doesn't really run faster with multiple CPUs/cores, but but it becomes next-to-impossible to make it lag or slow down.

The CD Player that comes with Haiku recognizes, loads, and seems to play the CD tracts. Unfortunately, it does not produce any real audio for me to hear. With the tools on hand with Haiku, I cannot check to see the device situation or if any communication occurs between the CDPlayer and the SB Live 5.1 card.

I'm guessing you've already checked - but just in case, have you looked in the Media prefs to ensure that the CD audio input isn't muted? That was the default in R5 (not sure about Haiku), I remember that being one of the most common questions/complaints on the old newsgroup.

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