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SCO, Caldera, Unixware Darl McBride. It's the guy everybody hates. Well, he is no longer in charge of SCO, the UNIX vendor who relentlessly litigated against Linux vendors: he has been fired as part of the Chapter 11 restructuring plans for the company. Sadly, the litigation does not end with him, as SCO's new leadership has said in a statement they will continue the litigation.
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RE[3]: Judicial System
by Ed W. Cogburn on Thu 22nd Oct 2009 02:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Judicial System"
Ed W. Cogburn
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SCO is in Chapter 11 bankrupcy.

I know the difference. If you've been following this story (like on Groklaw) you'd know that SCO has tried everything they could to avoid liquidation (multiple reorg plans, buyout from a friendly), and all of the former have been shot down by the judge, and the latter fell through. The judge is now getting annoyed (the Godot sarcasm wasn't the first).

Dead man walking. Bank it.

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