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IBM "With the imminent release of Windows 7, IBM and Canonical are clasping hands to sell an Ubuntu Linux- and Lotus-based desktop package to US businesses targeting low-end PCs and netbooks. The duo initially launched their Ubuntu-powered IBM Client for Smart Work desktop bundle to Africa back in September. But IBM said it decided to swing the offering State-side due to demand from its partners."
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Comment by polaris20
by polaris20 on Thu 22nd Oct 2009 02:40 UTC
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I hate to be a downer, but as much as I love Linux, Ubuntu in particular, I just don't see many corporations latching on to this.

I know this is anecdotal, but having been in the IT biz for quite a few years now, part of it as a (*gasp*) consultant, I've been exposed to many, many different businesses in many different industries. Out of all of those, maybe 5% of them would be able to do it. The rest have that one or two apps that they just can't replace in open source, and they won't run in WINE. It's not that Ubuntu isn't good enough, it's just that The Apps Aren't There Yet.

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