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3D News, GL, DirectX "In late August we started asking our readers for any questions they had for NVIDIA about Linux and this graphics company's support of open-source operating systems. Twelve pages worth of questions were accumulated and we finally have the answers to a majority of them. NVIDIA's Andy Ritger, who leads the user-space side of the NVIDIA UNIX Graphics Driver team for workstation, desktop, and notebook GPUs, answered these questions. With that said, there are some great, in-depth technical answers and not the usual marketing speak found in many interviews."
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I would not blame nVidia for the current state of "desktop Linux". Desktop PC's are used much more for office productivity applications (e.g. word processor, spreadsheet, etc.) than for gaming/3D-centric applications and in many instances it is Microsoft's Office suite (Microsft Windows platform) that rules the "office" space. Once UNIX/UNIX-like systems have enough market share in the desktop arena then I'd consider if nVidia has any deleterious effects on Linux/etc.

Personally, I use Opensolaris for my development (SunStudio C++) and office (OpenOffice) needs and I am very fine with this. Part of my coding deals with my own C++-based multimedia-engine (OpenGL 3D-graphics, OpenAL audio, etc.) and the NVidia driver for (Open)Solaris has been fine for my development/testng/usage needs.

Most Linux/(Open)Solaris/Unix/etc. users would realise that there is a "sheep" mentality concerning PC usage, from lack of time/inspiration/etc., where most people accept what is put in front of them (Windows-based PC) and never consider if a more better (or less troublesome) computing experience is available.

However, after enduring the "pain" of using an insecure/virus-prone/etc. Windows-based PC, these people tend to be easy candidates for migration to a more properly-designed UNIX-based system like OpenSolaris. I should know as I have converted friends from Windows to OpenSolaris.

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