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Apple As expected, Apple has refreshed its entire consumer line of Macintosh computers. The Mac mini, the MacBook, and the iMac lines of computers have all been overhauled, with the MacBook even getting a complete redesign. Prices in Europe have been dropped slightly, and there's a new mouse, too.
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RE: Hmmm, why oh why...
by Troels on Thu 22nd Oct 2009 09:21 UTC in reply to "Hmmm, why oh why..."
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My girlfriend is also vision impaired and is using the zoom in mac os x extensively. She "inherited" my logitech mx1000 mouse, on which i have mapped (using the logitech control panel software) the three thumb buttons to zoom in and out, and the last button toggles the color inversion. (Then the buttons on either side of the scroll wheel is used for back/forward)

She is very happy with this setup. The only annoying aspects for her, regarding mac os x and accessibility is that expose is useless while zoomed in (you can't pan while expose is active) and plugins, especially flash, has a tendency to flicker while panning the screen, which is really annoying as the screen pans every time she moves the mouse. (for some reason this is not a problem with firefox 2, but for all other browsers, including recent versions of firefox, we have tried, it flickers)

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