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Apple Earlier this week, Ars Technica's Jon "Hannibal" Stokes published an article which claimed to show the *real* reason why Apple went Intel. In his article, 'Hannibal' says that part of the reason for IBM and Apple's failed business relationship was that Apple tried to pull 'stunts' to get more out of IBM than they were entitled. David K. Every begs to differ.
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> What makes you think that he is saying that Intel is catering to Apple other than to give good prices?

Do you actually read the articles on your site?

"Intel will do for Apple..."

"Apple wants iPods..."

"This is a huge win for Intel..."

> WHAT? Apple is the 5th largest PC manufacturer on the plannet. Thats hardly low-volume.

Apple ranks fifth in the U.S. market, not the world market.

Here's some relevant information for various quarters in the last few years:,aid,111622,00.asp

You can purchase data from Gartner directly if you want.

Dell ships more computers in one quarter than Apple sells in a year.

> (And what's wrong with osViews track record?)

In the last weeks the articles from your site (many of which you were credited with having submitted here no less) have been unsubstantiated flamebait. Have we forgotten the last two QNX submissions, one of which is proudly available at Trollaxor's website?

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