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Legal Remember when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, and proclaimed, to much applause, that they patented the hell out of it? Well, apparently Apple likes to boast about its own patents, but when it comes to dealing with other's they're not so willing. That is, if you believe Nokia: the largest phone manufacturer in the world has sued Apple for patent infringement.
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Blah, Patents!
by AndrewDubya on Thu 22nd Oct 2009 16:13 UTC
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I'm ok with Nokia doing this to Apple, hopefully they're doing it for the right reasons. My guess/hope is they'd like to use some of Apple's patents, but Apple is refusing while still infringing on Nokia's patents.

Anyway, patents are just plain stupid. Let's think this through... are patents ever good for consumers? Not really. Even a rabid free market fan can admit that a patent is an artificial monopoly.

The only benefit of a patent to the public is that the process is fully disclosed so it can be improved upon. For that reason, a patent is only useful if it can't be reverse engineered easily. Kind of hard to have a public standard if only one company makes it (esp. with wireless comm, where there are devices from many different companies that interact).

So if it isn't good for consumers, and isn't even based on free market principles (which, to be clear, I don't have much faith in anyway), why does anyone want patents, other than self-serving lobbyists for companies that want an artificial monopoly?

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