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Legal Remember when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, and proclaimed, to much applause, that they patented the hell out of it? Well, apparently Apple likes to boast about its own patents, but when it comes to dealing with other's they're not so willing. That is, if you believe Nokia: the largest phone manufacturer in the world has sued Apple for patent infringement.
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RE[2]: Blah, Patents!
by AndrewDubya on Thu 22nd Oct 2009 17:19 UTC in reply to "RE: Blah, Patents!"
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Fair enough. I will say this: I would readily vote for no patent system if the other choice were what we have now. I'm not sure where I would fall in between, except that I think patents should be much more difficult to attain.

Another thing: I agree that software patents shouldn't exist, but that contradicts what we've both agreed to: That patents may be a good thing and may actually encourage innovation. Why wouldn't we want software innovation?

Would you vote for the current patent system, no patent system, or do you think it would be possible/worthwhile to come up with something in between?

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