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Windows It's October 22 today. A completely random date in the grand scheme of things (we Dutch lost a big naval battle to the Ming dynasty on October 22 1633), but it also happens to be the release date of the newest version of Windows - Windows 7. Since Windows is still the most popular desktop operating system out there, this is pretty big news.
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RE: Oh look
by grat on Fri 23rd Oct 2009 03:14 UTC in reply to "Oh look"
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No, sorry. It doesn't have the immovable cashew, it doesn't use a half-developed zoomable UI that breaks when you try to use it, you can't randomly rotate gadgets such that you have to stand on your head to read them, and most of all...

Microsoft listened to their customers when they designed the UI.

If you're gonna troll, do it RIGHT.

But the lack of virtual desktops completely blows my mind.

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