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Legal Remember when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, and proclaimed, to much applause, that they patented the hell out of it? Well, apparently Apple likes to boast about its own patents, but when it comes to dealing with other's they're not so willing. That is, if you believe Nokia: the largest phone manufacturer in the world has sued Apple for patent infringement.
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Well, well
by Hakime on Fri 23rd Oct 2009 06:16 UTC
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"I'm not a particular fan of patent lawsuits, but this does kind of feel like what goes around comes around. Apple shouted its iPhone patent portfolio off the rooftops a few times (during launch, when the Pre came out), so it's kind of hypocritical not to pay up for other companies' patents."

Remember when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, and proclaimed, to much applause, that they patented the hell out of it? Well, apparently Apple likes to boast about its own patents, but when it comes to dealing with other's they're not so willing.

Well could you stop your stupidness, I mean did you ever hear so far that Apple sued Palm or Google for what they have done for the Pre and Android respectively? I don't think so, right? But in the same time, Palm and Google have largely used patented ideas from the iPhone.

Instead of getting things wrong every time you write something, get your facts right. What you should say is that Nokia is a loser on the smartphone market, they don't have the technology, they sell third class products, and they failed in everything where Apple succeeded.

I mean look at it, Apple succeeded to sell a smartphone by millions, Nokia never could; Apple invented a technologically attractive devise, Nokia never could; Apple pionnered multi touch technology on a mobile, Nokia never could; Apple developed a successful market for mobile applications that users actually use, Nokia never could besides having got viruses and malwares spreading on Symbian; Apple is successful in Japan, Nokia never did anything there besides showing how crappy Nokia phones were compared to japanese phones.

And here we are now, Nokia suing Apple because it can't compete in technology and innovation. This is what you should notice in this story not bitching BS over Apple.

Nokia is becoming irrelevant in the smartphone market, where money can be done. The last quarter Nokia has a net loss of more than 800 millions dollars, that means they are losing money in a big way. So what to do better to get some money than to sue the company that makes the iPhone, so that Nokia can show that it still exist trying to make people believe that somehow the iPhone was possible because of Nokia?

Before Apple introduced the iPhone 3GS, it represents 32% of the smartphone industry operating profits in 1H09 with one phone, higher than what Nokia could achieve with a ton of different models, crappy phones with low margins.

Recently it has been estimated that the average selling price for an iPhone last quarter was $612. Nokia’s average selling price per handset last quarter was about $93.

Make the math, Nokia is doomed. They are not making money. Again what to do then? Well sue the competitor responsible of that....

And if you would have made some research, you would have discovered that Nokia was sued by Qualcomm. Qualcomm has filled 11 patent infringement lawsuits against Nokia between 2005 and 2007 that related to the technology used to access 3G wireless networks.

The suit notably alleged that Nokia's GSM/GPRS/EDGE cellular phones infringe on two patents covering the uses of speech encoders. Another Qualcomm lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division (a.k.a., the rocket docket) accuses Nokia of infringing on two additional patents covering the downloading of digital content over a GPRS/EDGE network. The case was eventually settled when the two companies made a cross-licensing agreement that also included transfer of several patents to Qualcomm as well as continuing royalty payments by Nokia.

But the real important thing is how Nokia reacted to that. Nokia has criticized very much Qualcomm for doing such action, stating that the dispute could impact the 3G technology as a whole and that the technology evolution could suffer as a consequence. Nokia even filed complaints with German, French, Italian, and UK regulatory authorities. Those complaints accused Qualcomm of harming competition in the cellular phone market with excessive patent licensing fees and seek to have Qualcomm barred from enforcing its patents.

Yes this was back to 2007, only two years ago!! And now, having played the victim against Qualcomm, Nokia is suing Apple for the very same reasons. Come on, this is hypocrisy.

And attacking Apple on that is more than a stupid move. We all know that Nokia wants to sell multi-touch phones and doing that will force them to ripp off Apple's idea as Google and Palm did. If They want a multi-touch phone which gonna have a chance on the market, they will have to step on Apple's patents on the matter. That means if Nokia is attacking Apple now (assuming that Nokia's claims are valid), Apple will attack them for anything they will try to do with a multi-touch devise. Actually, Apple can probably already attack them on some patent infringements.

This is what you should have commented with a little bit of research and less hypocrisy yourself, Holwerda, not always bashing on Apple for every story where the name Apple appears.

Now I have a bit the impression Apple is entering the hardware market expecting things to be done similarly there.

I don't get it, what are you talking about? How does this make any sense? Apple has been designing and selling hardware for more than 30 years, come on!! This is total non-sense.

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