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Hardware, Embedded Systems As if selling non-Apple labelled computers with Mac OS X pre-installed and licensing the technology to do so to third parties wasn't enough, Psystar has now moved ahead and has started offering its Rebel EFI package for everyone to buy and use. It makes it possible for just about anyone to install Mac OS X on a non-Apple labelled computer.
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RE[2]: Open/Free Source
by Thom_Holwerda on Fri 23rd Oct 2009 20:11 UTC in reply to "RE: Open/Free Source"
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Pystar has no respect for Apple's IP/Licensing.

No respect? They are buying legal copies of Mac OS X, and they then resell those to their customers. I'm failing to see the not respecting part here.

I've done the same thing numerous times, as I'm sure a lot of Mac users have. Does this mean all those people have no respect for Apple's IP either? Or is Psystar magically special?

Copyright law applies to companies and individuals all the same, so if Psystar has no respect for Apple's IP, then it means that anybody who has ever resold a legal copy of Mac OS X does not respect Apple's IP either.

You see how idiotic that is?

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