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Hardware, Embedded Systems As if selling non-Apple labelled computers with Mac OS X pre-installed and licensing the technology to do so to third parties wasn't enough, Psystar has now moved ahead and has started offering its Rebel EFI package for everyone to buy and use. It makes it possible for just about anyone to install Mac OS X on a non-Apple labelled computer.
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Some thoughts...
by Mage66 on Fri 23rd Oct 2009 21:53 UTC
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I'm sure that it's likely that this product contains open source components. But, they aren't easy to use. It aseems like the Hackintosh enthusiasts like having the installs be as difficult and arcane as possible.

If this product makes the installs dead-easy, they respond to tech support requests, and add to the drivers available for OS X... I think this would be worth the money.

I don't have a problem paying $49.95 if they have made installation easier, provide ongoing support and updates, and develop drivers.

I would also consider a portion of the price going to support the legal costs in the lawsuit.

I think a real Apple manufactured computer is the best hardware platform to run MacOS X on. I love my Core 2 Duo Mini. But, I'd also love to run MacOS X on a Netbook, or low cost laptop until I can afford a Macbook Air, or Macbook.

The purpose of this product is to get funding for the legal battle, and to prove that MacOS X can run on non-Apple hardware. It's only Apple's purposeful action of tying MacOS X to their own hardware that keeps it from running on identical generic Intel systems.

Imagine if Microsoft had tied DOS and Windows to only run on Microsoft branded hardware, or OS/2 only ran on PS/2 computers.

I see Apple's P.O.V., but I'm just not wealthy enough to buy the Apple system equivalent to the Generic system I could build for $800 - $1000.

I bought Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard at retail, besides the copies that came with my Mini. I should be able to run them on hardware I own. If Apple won't support MacOS X on non-Apple hardware, that's fine. I bought the Mini to have a supported system.

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