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Graphics, User Interfaces NoStarchPress sent us in the newly released "Book of Inkscape", written by Dmitry Kirsanov, who is also one of the core developers of Inkscape.
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by prokoudine on Sat 24th Oct 2009 16:45 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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I haven't seen much activity up until recently

That is, you don't visit the website and you don't read the RSS feed. Do you expect us to leave newspapers with SVN logs at your door 7 a.m. every morning perhaps? ;)

and thus I assumed that it had become abandonware like the Quark Xpress clone called Passepartout

Dude, Passepartout never was QXP clone and it didn't quite die. 0.8 was released earlier this year, though development isn't really active -- on that I fully agree. I told 'em half a dozen of times they should update the old site or at least link to the new GNOME page, but they didn't do it, sadly.

I really wish them the best of luck but they do need to be a lot clearer with what their goals are

Are goals are mentioned on top of the main website page. Try reading them ;)

...and giving regular updates so that people can see the project is moving in a particular direction

We give regular updates. You just don't read them out of what ever reason you have ;)

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