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Editorial A couple of years ago, a professor at my university had a very interesting thought exchange with the class I was in. We were a small group, and I knew most of them, they were my friends. Anyway, we had a talk about language purism - not an unimportant subject if you study English in The Netherlands.
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Comment by wirespot
by wirespot on Sun 25th Oct 2009 13:30 UTC
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Let me ask you an equally simple question:

If Psystar sold their machines at higher prices than Apple sells Macs, would Apple still sue them?

They'd have no reason to, right? Since people can't possibly care for anything other than price, right? They don't care what they buy, they just go for the cheapest alternative, right? Right?

Thom, seriously, are you really this blind? (I considered "stupid" but you're not stupid. If anything, it takes real cunning to come up with this line of argument.)

Are you seriously suggesting that price is the ultimate factor here? Apple is the company that came on a market suffocated by Windows and cheap PC-clones and basically said "this is our stuff, we think it's so good we're gonna sell it at these outrageous prices." Does that seem like a company who lacks confidence? A company that cares about scraping the bottom of the barrel or about bottom-feeders?

What about their customers, all those people who bought and keep buying their expensive stuff, are they all posers and cretins? These are people who vote with their money, and quite a lot of them. Are they all middle-aged retards, the kind that buys a Ferrari to make up for a small penis? Is that what OSNews is saying, through you, to anybody who's ever bought anything from Apple? You insecure retard? Really?

What if Apple's stuff is not complete shite, they don't lack confidence, and their customers are not all morons. What a notion. Could it then be perhaps that they have something of value, and that's what they're trying to protect by going against Psystar? Because Psystar is just the beginning. If Psystar got away with it a lot more would come.

Thom, this "article" is nothing but pure trolling. You've exhausted your "arguments", you've had them torn to pieces by commentators in every other thread you've started on this subject. Yet you won't stop, and now that you've run out of arguments you pull stuff like this? Seriously, when's it gonna stop? This is not what OSNews is about.

I'm begging the other editors and whoever owns this site to do something. I came to OSNews back when it was news about operating systems and related topics. How is it that a completely unsubstantiated and insulting piece of writing like this came to be representative for OSNews?

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