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Editorial A couple of years ago, a professor at my university had a very interesting thought exchange with the class I was in. We were a small group, and I knew most of them, they were my friends. Anyway, we had a talk about language purism - not an unimportant subject if you study English in The Netherlands.
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You do not own Mac OSX, you License it.
by Abstract on Sun 25th Oct 2009 20:06 UTC
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Why does everyone keep making the mistake of thinking they own their copy of Mac OSX? When you buy the "retail" copy, you are purchasing a License to use it, the disc that accompanies it it more of a convenient form of distribution. So you don't have to download it, or submit your Registration/Activation/whatever you want to call it Key and download it directly from Apple.
All that nonsense aside, what is the big gripe anyway? If you don't agree with the terms and conditions that Apple has in order to use Mac OSX then why even use it?
Apple has what 10% market share? Do you have to use it in order to be able to perform your livelihood in order to make an income? Does someone have a gun to your family / loved ones head, telling you if you do not use Mac OSX they are dead? Is the world going to end, if you do not save it using Mac OSX? Basically are you forced to use Mac OSX? Are there no alternative OSes?

Funniest thing is the whole price tag argument. If you were so worried about the cost of things (anything) what car do you drive? is it a 10,000 dollar Kia? or the lowest priced car available? Wouldn't any car that is mechanically sound still get you to point B from point A? Do you buy your shoes from Payless for $12.99 ? Do you get your clothes from Kmart, WalMart or a thrift store?

Obviously Mac OSX is the greatest OS currently available or why would there be so much discussion / debate on how Mac OSX should be available to be installed on non-Apple hardware.

Do we want a License for Mac OSX to cost a lot more then it currently does? Do we want Apple to implement Registration / Activation Key (or whatever) protection to deter pirating? Do we want some of the issues that plagues Windows, with driver/hardware incompatibilities?

A lot of the R&D costs for Mac OSX is offset by the high margins they get from hardware sales. Apple's current business model works, they make a profit. Apple is a debt free company, share holders are happy. Are they not a successful company? What obligation do they have to allow for clones?

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions in the License Agreement for Mac OSX do not purchase a License. Choose another OS, use another OS. Apple hardware to expensive for you, don't buy it.

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