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Editorial A couple of years ago, a professor at my university had a very interesting thought exchange with the class I was in. We were a small group, and I knew most of them, they were my friends. Anyway, we had a talk about language purism - not an unimportant subject if you study English in The Netherlands.
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Nicholas Blachford
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Apple spends a lot of money developing both OS X and the Macs themselves. This costs a lot of money and Mac owners pay extra for it.

I find there is a lot of attention to detail put into Macs, you don't get this on cheap PCs.

You do get attention to detail on PCs but you also pay extra for them, but of course no one compares expensive PCs to Macs.

As for Psystar, if they make it possible to run OS X on cheap PCs of course people will pick these instead of Macs, the vast majority of people will pick price over attention to detail every time. However if that happens Apple lose a major source of income, how do they then continue to fund the development of new technologies like OpenCL or libdispatch or things like the iPhone?

So yes, I expect Apple are more than confident in their products, but they also know good engineering costs money, they wouldn't be able to afford it if their OS development involved supporting vastly more hardware platform combinations.

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