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Amiga & AROS Yes, we are continuing our new-found fascination with the Amiga platform, by reporting to you straight from the floors of AmiWest and Pianeta Amiga. Chris Handley consolidated all the information from these two Amiga shows into one handy post, and the future of the AmigaOS looks bright indeed! Update: More planned features have emerged. Read on for the update.
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Well said. I've been kicking around similar ideas myself. It seems to me that if AOS or MOS (or BeOS for that matter) are to be anything more than a retro hobbiest OS, they must do so without the traditional desktop. Perhaps they can figure out the tablet or build a home automation OS or do a REAL web-based OS (and can change my mind about cloud computing). An extensive investigation of what the top computer science universities are working on might bear fruit.

My real fear is that Hyperion will be bought by Google in the near future and this 40th glimmer of hope from the Amiga camp will be once again dashed.

If Google buys them, "Amiga" will be (finally) truly and forever dead... up til now, it's just been on life support, over and over and over and over and over and over... again. :-)

This I do not wish, but it would happen, if it did.

But what does AmigaOS offer Google or anyone else? A 80's retro UI? Come on... Google tain't that stupid.

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