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Hardware, Embedded Systems The "wall wart" is one of humanity's worst inventions (not counting all of the inventions that are actually intended to kill and maim each other, I'll admit). AC-plug power supplies are a cheap workaround to various engineering, economic, and regulatory problems that manufacturers face, and they solve those problems by pushing them off onto end users. So what can we do about it? OSNews takes a look at an ingenious workaround to the Wall Wart problem, and some hopeful trends that might make them a thing of the past.
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One problem
by tonym on Tue 27th Oct 2009 01:56 UTC
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I too am delighted when I can get a device that accepts USB power, but there is a problem with them.

I have had several USB plugs break from normal use. The middle little plastic part breaks out of the socket. I usually am able to carefully glue it back in. But bottom line USB isn't durable enough of a plug to become the standard adapter in my opinion. However, maybe if we can start moving towards a single DC plug solution, we can refine it towards something better in the future.

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