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Features, Office In the comments on our editorial about language purism and the Psystar case, it became quite clear that language is a subject almost everyone has an opinion on - not odd if you consider that language is at the very centre of what makes us "human". Since this appears to be a popular subject, let's talk about the influence computing has had on two very minor aspects of the Dutch language.
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RE: Funny Quotes in Word
by Savior on Tue 27th Oct 2009 07:08 UTC in reply to "Funny Quotes in Word"
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Same here -- I am Hungarian, and we also place our left double quotes at the bottom. And lo! so does Word and OpenOffice, if you set the language to Hungarian. Which, according to my experience, is how computers of non-geeks are set up most of the time. So I wouldn't blame word processors for that.

I think it's a more recent development, but definitely computer-related. Chat applications, text editors, etc. use only "". That and with all this English text around us, it's no wonder people are more accustomed to the English style double quotes. Too bad.

That's the price you pay for globalization. It's actually a cheap one, compared to some other cultural aspects. One that really blows my mind is when international chains advertize their Christmas sales/menus/etc. with Santa Claus. Who is this Santa Claus guy anyway? And what does he have to do with Christmas? Go back to the US, we don't need you! Dammit! ;)

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