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Features, Office In the comments on our editorial about language purism and the Psystar case, it became quite clear that language is a subject almost everyone has an opinion on - not odd if you consider that language is at the very centre of what makes us "human". Since this appears to be a popular subject, let's talk about the influence computing has had on two very minor aspects of the Dutch language.
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RE[4]: linguistics vs rePAIR vs rePARE
by pg--az on Tue 27th Oct 2009 08:01 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by kaiwai"
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As an undergrad in linguistics..

If you go to and type REPAIR into the search box, it's interesting how REpare and PREpare actually DO derive from the same root, just a case of "Linguistic Entropy" hmm ( I like that book "Genetic Entropy", wonder about the details on these "mutations" ).
Also on the same site, OXYMORON has an interesting derivation - according to Marina, ( OXYMORON = oxys + moros ) is ITSELF an oxymoron, to computer people this is the kind of recursive-tail-chasing which blows up computers on Star Trek.
So you see I actually remember these interesting facts, although peripherally I was mainly watching the babe, in this case the medium managed to get a message across, too.

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