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Qt The Haiku alpha is barely out the door, and we already have another important news item about the open source reimplementation of the BeOS. About 18 months ago, Evgeny Abdraimov started porting the Qt4 graphical toolkit to Haiku, and now, we ave some seriously epic screenshots showing a multitude of Qt4 applications running in Haiku, as well as a developer preview release.
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RE: Sad but true!
by Polari on Tue 27th Oct 2009 11:45 UTC in reply to "Sad but true!"
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The Webkit port is in development, but it's a big project. I don't see how this is at all related to your Mockup project. Seeing as Haiku is still in heavy development and some way away from a stable release, Firefox 2.x and Arora will make do for the time being.

Anyway, this is fantastic news. Hopefully KOffice makes it over soon as this is an area in which Haiku is sorely lacking and there is no other quick fix for. Amarok would be nice as well. Obviously native applications would be preferable this is a good, practical solution to one of Haiku's biggest problems. It should allow for an updated VLC port too.

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