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Qt The Haiku alpha is barely out the door, and we already have another important news item about the open source reimplementation of the BeOS. About 18 months ago, Evgeny Abdraimov started porting the Qt4 graphical toolkit to Haiku, and now, we ave some seriously epic screenshots showing a multitude of Qt4 applications running in Haiku, as well as a developer preview release.
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RE[2]: Bad news
by cjst on Wed 28th Oct 2009 00:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Bad news"
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"Stacking up software" isn't a bad thing. The problem with Linux is that the development of the various sub-systems isn't being coordinated, which is leading to a patchwork of imperfect integration and competition between multiple solutions to the same problem.

The problems you mention are not the only ones, there's also the problem of there being too much OS portability cruft. For ex. if I use Linux, I want a desktop environment that is custom made for Linux, not one full of portability cruft, abstraction layers so it can run on every platform (that I don't care about) in existence. That's also part of the "stacking up software" problem.

That's just fear-mongering. You'll notice that Qt hasn't injured Mac OS X or Windows development, even tho it's available for those platforms. Apps that target Haiku will still be written using Haiku's native toolkits, in all likelyhood; all the availability of Qt is going to do is make it easy to make existing multiplatform apps that already use Qt available for Haiku, too. And make it easier for developers to move to Haiku. Neither of which are bad things. [/quote]

The Linux desktop experience is totally *ruined* because of this, because of portability cruft, competing components, bad integration, incoherent mess etc... Also on Linux you have to learn "10,000" different styles of APIs to get something done as far as programming which is really substandard.

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