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Google Today, Google has released the software development kit for Android 2.0, the company's mobile operating system. The SDK gives away all the new features, and there's indeed quite a lot in this one. The biggest new feature is multitouch support, but there's a whole lot more.
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RE: Quick contacts
by Laurence on Wed 28th Oct 2009 07:35 UTC in reply to "Quick contacts"
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Nice, let us see if Android gets more popular and less buggy.

Which bugs are you speaking of?
Because on my G1 Android runs (mostly) smoothy and bug free.
I say mostly, because some 3rd party apps can kill performance if not properly coded. But i can just uninstall them for another app that performs the same functions.

Bug wise though - i'm struggling to think of a single Android bug.

That said, rooted devices might have more, but then their not standard issue builds.

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