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Hardware, Embedded Systems When Psystar announced it Rebel EFI package, the company was quickly accused of simply taking open source code, repackaging it, and selling it for USD 50. While selling open source code is not a problem, not making the source code available if the license demands it is. Netkas, famous OSX86 hacker, and a Russian site are now claiming they have found the smoking gun.
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by CaptainN- on Wed 28th Oct 2009 18:03 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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This is a company that put their necks on the line to support an idea that they think is right - that they can resell software they purchased if they want to. How can you so easily dismiss such an act, even if you disagree with them about whether they should have that right nor not (you seem to be on the side of not).

Pystar is a hardware company daring to ship OSX pre installed - if it took OSS to do it, that's even better, it demonstrates the power of the open source philosophy. The only gripe is with their disclosure practices, and it remains to be seen how they'll respond to this (I do have my doubts about whether they'll respond appropriately).

On the other hand, this could be just a skeezy company, trying to make a quick buck - on the other other hand they are fighting a tough and expensive court battle, and could just have been trying to get some warchest funds.

In any case, I don't see how to put them in a tiny box so easily - this is a fairly complicated matter, IMHO.

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