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Hardware, Embedded Systems When Psystar announced it Rebel EFI package, the company was quickly accused of simply taking open source code, repackaging it, and selling it for USD 50. While selling open source code is not a problem, not making the source code available if the license demands it is. Netkas, famous OSX86 hacker, and a Russian site are now claiming they have found the smoking gun.
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RE[3]: Wait, what?
by koki on Wed 28th Oct 2009 18:37 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Wait, what?"
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What news source would you compare OSNews to? When doing an investigative report, there are always more questions than answers. In areas where technology intersects with the law, determining fault is very difficult thing to do in any case. Furthermore, License violations are not often admitted to by companies, unless they are publicly shamed by enough journalists and customers. OSnews is reporting that there is some evidince for believe there may have been a violation. Hopefully, this will encourage others to dig further to find more evidience as well as encourage a response from the alleged infringer pystar.

I am sorry, but you can't claim to be doing instigative journalism by building a case from a few posts in a language that you don't even understand and then making numerous assumptions and/or posing what if scenarios that may or may not happen. That's the exact definition of being speculative.

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