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Google Today, Google has released the software development kit for Android 2.0, the company's mobile operating system. The SDK gives away all the new features, and there's indeed quite a lot in this one. The biggest new feature is multitouch support, but there's a whole lot more.
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Live Video and Goodbye TomTom??
by dindin on Wed 28th Oct 2009 21:04 UTC
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Couple of things:

- Do they have any kind of API to suuport Live video delivery to the phone like Apple does with their Segmented TS. They have 3GPP based delivery but it is not well suited for Live Broadcasting.

- Now that Google is getting into the Navigation business and giving it away for free, I guess thats Goodbye to the Dutch company TomTom. Or maybe TomTom will pull a Garmin and build a phone. Now Google can track me and provide me with Ads based on the analysis of my emails, phone calls, voice messages, and Internet surfing habits - Theres that donut place you emailed your friend about Stop bye!!!!

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