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Windows Users remained stymied today by endless reboots after trying to upgrade their PCs to Windows 7, according to messages posted on Microsoft's support forum. An answer has yet to be found for all users, who began reporting the problem last Friday after watching the upgrade stall two-thirds of the way through the process.
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RE: alas, the users
by galvanash on Wed 28th Oct 2009 23:01 UTC in reply to "alas, the users"
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Ill probably get shouted down for saying this... But do you really think something like this, from a business standpoint, would impact their stock price at all?

I mean sure, it appears to be a pretty big screwup from a technical viewpoint. It so far appears to be affecting a few hundred users, probably a few thousand considering only a handful are probably reporting it... But in the grand scheme of things will any of this matter? I don't think this problem would matter even if it ends up being un-fixable - discovery and disclosure of the cause would probably be enough to make most people let the issue drop. The truth of the matter is that the VAST amount of volume (and the real money) on windows sales is from system bundling, and this issue doesn't even affect any of those sales. And of the actual retail sales, the VAST majority of those end up being clean installs, because most of those sales are to somewhat more technically proficient users who already know better than to even try in place upgrades (they tend to be unreliable - is this really news to anyone?). The sliver thats left is statistical noise.

I don't have stock in MS, but if I did this kind of thing wouldn't even make me flinch.

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