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Hardware, Embedded Systems When Psystar announced it Rebel EFI package, the company was quickly accused of simply taking open source code, repackaging it, and selling it for USD 50. While selling open source code is not a problem, not making the source code available if the license demands it is. Netkas, famous OSX86 hacker, and a Russian site are now claiming they have found the smoking gun.
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RE: Geez!
by tylerdurden on Wed 28th Oct 2009 23:04 UTC in reply to "Geez!"
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That is not the point at all... thanks for the red herring though.

It has nothing to do with the people wanting or not their product, but the fact that their product is based on other people's work... developers from whom they (pisstar) did not obtain any sort of permission. To top it all off, Pisstar is not complying with the licenses and the terms under which the codes they are ripping off were released.

In other words, these idiots are not only ripping off unsuspecting customers, they are actually ripping off the people that developed most of their product to begin with.

Again, this has nothing to do with personal choices regarding the purchasing of a product, it has a heck of a lot to do with completely and utterly unethical business practices.

Frankly I can't wait until Apple legal puts the final smack down on these fools.

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