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Microsoft We all know that Microsoft doesn't actually make computers. It makes the software, and then lets an almost infinite amount of manufacturers build computers that can run its software. These manufacturers often make a mess of things, delivering computers filled to the brim with crapware. What would happen if Microsoft made computers? Well, for one, they would be void of crapware. Two, they would help users install the software they want before leaving the store - including software from competitors.
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by vondur on Thu 29th Oct 2009 19:23 UTC
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Just how fundamentally bad Windows can be. Really, should having a lot of software installed slow your machine down? Unless all of the software is launching items at start up, it should not make any difference. It does not happen using Linux or OSX. It's funny when not techies look at my Windows machine and see how much better it runs then their own. I of course build the PC and install the OS myself. Others don't have that luxury.

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