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Microsoft We all know that Microsoft doesn't actually make computers. It makes the software, and then lets an almost infinite amount of manufacturers build computers that can run its software. These manufacturers often make a mess of things, delivering computers filled to the brim with crapware. What would happen if Microsoft made computers? Well, for one, they would be void of crapware. Two, they would help users install the software they want before leaving the store - including software from competitors.
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RE: wanna know why?
by izomiac on Thu 29th Oct 2009 22:18 UTC in reply to "wanna know why?"
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I doubt that's the only, or even primary reason. Sony installs a ton of crapware, but a lot of it is stuff they wrote. I.e. Sony has likely spent quite a bit of money in developing their software, thus making their computers more expensive to produce. Mind you, they must use the cheapest programmers they can find given the lack of quality, but the sheer amount of software indicates that it is a real expense for them. I suspect they feel they are adding value by installing it.

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