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Linux "No matter what strides the new generation of open-source companies make, they all owe a big debt to Torvalds. In 1991 the Finnish programmer started Linux as a project at the University of Helsinki. Fourteen years later the reverberations are still being felt." In this email interview Torvalds discusses his thoughts on where open source is heading and the challenges the Linux community faces.
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by dylansmrjones on Sun 2nd Oct 2005 16:27 UTC
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The only thing hurting Linux on the Desktop are myths.

The Linux Desktop HAS caught up with the Windows Desktop, and dare I say it, the Mac OSX desktop as well. It doesn't work the same way, but you can do the same things.

The Linux Desktop does not lag behind. Only people without knowledge of linux perceive it as such.

But as I've written many times before, all desktops lag behind compared with what is possible to do.

Gnome is the desktop which is closest (most close?) to the desktop I want, but it still lacks some elements (read: template folder, I want my f***ing template folder).

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