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RISC OS With all the good news around Haiku and Amiga/MorphOS, you'd almost forget that other "old" alternative operating system, with most of its following residing in the United Kingdom: RISC OS. This operating system is fighting a predictable problem: a lack of hardware.
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Nokia N810/N900
by pgquiles on Fri 30th Oct 2009 00:37 UTC
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Wouldn't it make more sense to port RiscOS to a "true" hardware platform than to a developer-only hardware platform?

Some Nokia phones and Internet tablets also use a TI OMAP processor. The new N900 (phone, about US $600) uses a TI OMAP3 3430. The old N810 (Internet Tablet, about US $150 or less used, US $200 new) uses a TI OMAP 2420.

I'm not saying RiscOS can make a rebirth as an embedded OS for mobile devices but it's an interesting niche to try.

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