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Microsoft "Well, they've done it again. In prime-time. With malice aforethought. The duplicitous droogs, the denizens of deep-doodoo, I'm talking about Bill Gates' Microsoft: caught in a bald-faced lie about HD DVD-ROM discs. This is news? Not any more than the fact it's hot in Texas this summer or that Katrina caused a lot of damage. It is, after all, the Microsoft way: dishonesty in all things."
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In the past, tobacco companies (not sure which one(s) ) used to promote menthol cigarettes as being good for asthma!!!!!!

They are actually good for people with asthma, in the short run. In the long run it'll kill them or at least shorten a couple of decades of their lives.

But the cigarettes actually makes it easier to breath for people with asthma. But you can also get medicine for that, which of course is a healthier way of doing it.

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