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Linux I'm in a bit of a pickle here. I have an Atom 330-based tiny computer which I use as my HTPC. It performed its job fine running Windows 7 and Boxee, and over the past few months, it ran Mac OS X Leopard with Plex. Now, however, I want to try Linux as an HTPC operating system, but I kind of ran into a roadblock there with Ubuntu 9.10 - so the question is: what is a good HTPC Linux distribution?
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RE[3]: 64bit
by kragil on Fri 30th Oct 2009 16:55 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: 64bit"
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Err, the Atom is a low end-chip. So no AMD64.
That is market segmentation for you.

Edit:Sorry, I was wrong. Only the Z and N don't have 64bit.
But with less than 4GB 64bit is toally pointless. You waste a lot of CPU cache for nothing. The system will be way slower.

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