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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless And the back-and-forth goes on. "Here we go again. Apple has updated iTunes to version 9.0.2 and Palm Pre sync is dead again using webOS 1.2.1, despite Palm's Hurculean efforts to spoof nearly every aspect of USB identification known to mankind. As with previous breakages, iTunes does launch when you connect a Pre with Media Mode, but it doesn't appear as a device on the sidebar. Pre owners can at least take comfort in knowing that Apple's main goal here was adding support for the new AppleTV format, but breaking Pre sync support was a nice cherry for them."
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Nothing wrong
by muda on Fri 30th Oct 2009 18:07 UTC
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Apple has every right to do this and I don't accuse them (even though I don't like some aspects of iTunes and stuff). iTunes is only one part of Apple's product which is iPod-sync-media source.

There has been nothing that has stopped other companies from creating exceptionally sexy and good portable device along with good syncing software and linking to their own/ amazon/whatever store.

Pretty much everybody else has missed the point here. User experience is what counts and all other alternatives suck royally. For this particular reason I still keep a old iPod so I can listen podcasts while driving. Apple allows me to automatically download stuff, sync automatically and remember playback positions. I have tried several other devices, including various mobile phones(don't like wearing two headsets), but all other vendors have been failing to deliver complete experience and now accuse Apple for abusing monopoly whilst the consumers have voted with their wallets.

So Palm(and others), here's my advise: develop sexy (not shocking blue, but nice one so that users could not tell it apart from the rest of the desktop) desktop app that kills iTunes in footprint and features whilst being open(let import-export CD's and other sources) and unobtrusive, make a deal with some digital media vendor and package the stuff - trust me, you get along with your customers better than revers engineering Apple's stuff.

Oh yes, my next mobile phone is probably going to be iPhone for the reasons I outlined above. I don't even like it being closed system, fully controlled by the vendor and god forbid, should I upgrade to non OSX system then...

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