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Apple Earlier this week, Ars Technica's Jon "Hannibal" Stokes published an article which claimed to show the *real* reason why Apple went Intel. In his article, 'Hannibal' says that part of the reason for IBM and Apple's failed business relationship was that Apple tried to pull 'stunts' to get more out of IBM than they were entitled. David K. Every begs to differ.
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> yes. What's your point.

Did you bother reading what I wrote or have you forgotten what you've asked me (despite your question being a completely-irrelevant leading question).

> The links you provde don't illustrate that point.

You mean other than where they enumerate the performance of the top five world-wide vendors and none of them are Apple? Or the part where they enumerate the performance of the top five U.S. vendors and Apple is fifth? Or more to the point where Apple is a comparatively a low-volume market contrary to what you attempted to contradict with your incorrect and misleading comment?

Why don't you provide evidence.

> Nobody said otherwise.

You're really moving into a position where you have absolutely no credibility with me. Apple's volumes are comparatively small, and won't afford them any special treatment over other vendors.

> retracted accordingly.

You've retracted a single piece of flamebait that anyone with any technical competence wouldn't have published in the first place, and certainly wouldn't have submitted to other sites. My point is that this is more of the same from your site. The fact that you've gone on to refer to Hannibal as biased while supporting a sourceless editorial from an Apple zealot with a much less impressive track record with objectivity just saddens me.

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