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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless And the back-and-forth goes on. "Here we go again. Apple has updated iTunes to version 9.0.2 and Palm Pre sync is dead again using webOS 1.2.1, despite Palm's Hurculean efforts to spoof nearly every aspect of USB identification known to mankind. As with previous breakages, iTunes does launch when you connect a Pre with Media Mode, but it doesn't appear as a device on the sidebar. Pre owners can at least take comfort in knowing that Apple's main goal here was adding support for the new AppleTV format, but breaking Pre sync support was a nice cherry for them."
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RE[2]: anti-competitive Apple
by vikramsharma on Mon 2nd Nov 2009 06:32 UTC in reply to "RE: anti-competitive Apple"
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The question here is how fair is it on the part of Palm to use iTunes which is an application made by Apple for whatever purposes but syncing the Palm Pre. It's Palm's responsibility to design an application that enables Palm Pre users to be able to use their respective phones, just like Blackberry has the ir own software and various other companies have their respective softwares. Using Apple iTunes is not a legal solution, Palm does not have permission to use iTunes software. This is complete cheating on Palm's part, Palm pre pretending to be iPhone or iPod syncing via iTunes. If Apple were to stop Palm pre developing a Mac version of software that enable Mac users to use Palm pre, that would be anti-competitive. Here in this case Palm is behaving like a small time company that makes fake iPhones that one can sync through iTunes softwares, Palm is bigger and better than that. Just my opinion.

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