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Mac OS X Anyone who hangs around on websites with information about installing Mac OS X on non-Apple labelled computers has probably already encountered this report, but it's newsworthy anyway. The upcoming release of Mac OS X 10.6.2 will remove support for the Intel Atom line of processors from Mac OS X.
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Comment by haus
by haus on Mon 2nd Nov 2009 18:49 UTC
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If the incompetent competition thinks that the way to level the innovation and IP playing fields is to try and pry Apple and it's the Mac OS apart and force it to license or otherwise, let them all take advantage of it, they are all in for a rude awakening.

Incompetence and lack of innovating technological prowess is their hallmark, and wanting access to Apple's platforms and access to it's IP is proof of this incompetence.

Apple never "supported" the Atom processor -- the Atom was a happy recipient of compatibility with Intel's other chips. Also, we all know Intel has been lobbying Apple to adopt the Atom on some of it's future product offerings. Perhaps this is simply confirmation that Apple has closed the door on the Atom in favor of other chip designs?

I can't believe some people have the temerity to bitch because a product won't work in a manner for which it was never intended. Remember, the only legal way to get a copy of Snow Leopard without buying a new machine is to purchase an upgrade copy for $29. How many of those Hackintoshes are running legal copies of Leopard (or Snow Leopard, even) to begin with. Methinks not many at all.

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