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Mac OS X Anyone who hangs around on websites with information about installing Mac OS X on non-Apple labelled computers has probably already encountered this report, but it's newsworthy anyway. The upcoming release of Mac OS X 10.6.2 will remove support for the Intel Atom line of processors from Mac OS X.
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by Matty on Tue 3rd Nov 2009 14:26 UTC
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Why should apple even care. it's not like apple sales less due to hackingtosh. Apple don't has to support it but leave the community alone...

After all the iphone and appstore is what makes the money.

And about apple making there own cpu's? not gonna happend because that would mean adding another 500$ to each computer they sell let alone the incompatibly with nvidia / ati gfx cards.

Intel cpu are cheap because of the volume. worldwide apple is a small player on the x86 market.

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