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Legal While the Apple v. Psystar case is currently on hold until the hearing regarding the motions for a summary judgement takes place (November 12) the Psystar v. Apple case (still with me?) is only just beginning. Psystar has amended its original complaint in this second lawsuit, asking the judge to order Apple to cease calling Psystar's business "illegal", claiming it hurts the clone maker financially.
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RE[2]: Not OSnews, PSnews
by c_lei on Tue 3rd Nov 2009 19:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Not OSnews, PSnews"
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This is about our right to run the OS we want on the hardware we want. It's importance cannot be understated. I don't want to be in a future where you can be jailed just for daring to look under-the-hood.

Personally, I think Psystar is a sleazy company and always has been, compared to other cloners; but I'm glad that at least _somebody_ has taken things this far in court.

Moron,*YOU DON'T* have the right to run the OS we want on the hardware *YOU* want unless it's a GPL'd OS like Linux or something similar where you are granted permission to do so.

The sooner parasites like yourself are rounded up and tossed into the prison cell where you and those like belong the better off the *REAL* FreeSoftware/OpenSource moment will be.

You alt 2600 warezing assholes did enough damage by getting involved with the DeCSS trial.

Do us all a favor and f--k off now....

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