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Hardware, Embedded Systems Litl LLC launched today a Linux-based laptop design, named "Webbook". The device comes with a custom simplified interface, it can run third party web apps, and it can operate both in a laptop mode, or by bending backwards the screen, in the "easel TV-like mode". The Webbook can also connect through HDMI to an HDTV, and a remote control is sold separately. The Webbook goes in auto-maintainance mode, when in sleep. The Atom 1.6 Ghz/1 GB RAM device sells for $699. More info here and here. Videos of the UI here.
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Am i getting this straight?
by searly on Wed 4th Nov 2009 14:37 UTC
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Is this basically a netbook that only runs a browser and hooks into some online service / cloud sort of thing? I think this is doomed to fail
a) It does not offer anything else over a normal netbook using online services (in fact considerably less so)
b) I can't do anything with it offline
c) People will realize that they do not want all their data in the cloud (Personally i want my data save and sound with me, i think there for thigs like the Tonido Plug or Pogo plug will be quiet successful).

They seem to try and jump the bandwagon of the google cloud OS thingy with some not that impressive looking online apps ... i dunno maybe i am missing sth. here

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