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Windows Windows 7 has been out and about for little over a week now, and as it turns out, Microsoft's new baby is doing relatively well. That is, according to the figures by NetApplications: Windows 7 already reached the 3% mark this weekend, and is already closing in on the 4% mark.
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here in Quebec
by po134 on Wed 4th Nov 2009 17:43 UTC
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I remember the Vista Launch, I was still in college and we had just received msdn-aa (the thing that give all microsoft's product free of charge to students) so I didn't get the chance to get vista very early (legally speaking).

Now I'm @ the university, msdn-aa is well implented pretty much everywhere here in Quebec. Most of the people I'm talking to are running W7 because it's free: why wouldn't we try a thing that cost 130$ that we can get for free?

It would be nice to know how many of these licences are from msdn-aa or from RC builds.

as for mac OS X no doubt it could rise a lot more if it wasn't tied to 1000$ hardware and had a decent student discount (sorry but the 5% discount is a not a very good incentive). microsoft know how to please people with free products to acquint them with things so they will continue using them afterward... apple wins the store/ads battle, but on the long term, apple should copy microsoft's strategy to get their products out ;) .

Want an example? WWDC: you want the tech webcasts? it was "only" a few hundreds of dollars to get these videos presenting apple's technology on iTunes... when in the meantime you get all technet/PDC/other conferences online for free on the microsoft side. It's those little things that matters after you got your message that "we're different, better ,whatever" out there

Watching the last microsoft security report that stated that the % of infected machines running vista SP1 were more than 60% lower than the ones still on xp SP3 I can only say this is a good thing. Now they just need to offer MSE on windows update when the "security center" detects no antivirus with a bullet-window of some sort (like they were suppose to do with web-browser)

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