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Windows Windows 7 has been out and about for little over a week now, and as it turns out, Microsoft's new baby is doing relatively well. That is, according to the figures by NetApplications: Windows 7 already reached the 3% mark this weekend, and is already closing in on the 4% mark.
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Good for Microsoft, BAD for consumers
by apexwm on Wed 4th Nov 2009 19:21 UTC in reply to "There is no debate..."
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Microsoft locks in its customers to keep them, and forces them to continue down the upgrade path that they pave. Sure, it's very clever marketing and planning on their part. However, it's NOT good for customers that are trying to run a business and are forced to get their wallet out time and time again and pay their dues to Microsoft.

I abandoned that ship years ago and use Linux. I can run my personal small business and focus on our business. We don't have to upgrade anything unless we want to, and we don't pay ANY fees." http://member...

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