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Editorial Most of us here like gadgets. Things with displays, LEDs, or stuff that otherwise lights up in the dark and makes cool noises. There is this one gadget I had been waiting for to come out in The Netherlands for quite a while now, but at some point a limit was reached, and today I decided to do a complete 180 and buy a competing product.
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Peter Besenbruch
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I just picked up the latest and greatest device out there, a Treo 650. It's, like, a phone. It's, like, a Palm Pilot. It's, like, somebody had this idea, "Let's take a Palm Pilot, and a cell phone, and, like, glue them together, and hold them in, like, one hand" (a really big hand, to be sure).

Unlocked for $140 (that includes shipping). Actually, I bought it to replace my wife's aging Palm Pilot, because they aren't made any more. It's pretty much the old Palm OS, but on somewhat more powerful hardware, so the PDA side of things flies. The phone is just a bonus. It accepted her old, pre-paid SIM without complaint.

The other good point, is that Jpilot restored to the new device without complaint, and my wife was good to go. Now there's a novel idea, backwards compatibility.

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