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Editorial Most of us here like gadgets. Things with displays, LEDs, or stuff that otherwise lights up in the dark and makes cool noises. There is this one gadget I had been waiting for to come out in The Netherlands for quite a while now, but at some point a limit was reached, and today I decided to do a complete 180 and buy a competing product.
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It is not the netherlends, they do not sell the phone at all outside of the US. I know many people who had seriously considered the pre a while ago and now either have reverted to iphones or android phones or are waiting now for the Nokia N900 to hit the stores. Palm lost a shitload of potential customers worldwide that way.
The worldwide market for them at least for the PRE is absolutely dead, which basically means they had forsaken 90% of potential sales by making a contract which ensured them 10% of potential sales.
In other words stupidity at its best.

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