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Mac OS X We reported on the lack of Atom support in development builds of Mac OS X 10.6.2, but a more recent build re-enables support for Intel's Atom line, popular in netbooks. "In the latest development build Atom appears to have resurrected itself zombie style in 10C535. The Atom lives another day, but nothing is concrete until the final version of 10.6.2 is out."
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RE[6]: Comment by memson
by _xmv on Thu 5th Nov 2009 14:40 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by memson"
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I've one about the article. this is not about OSNews directly, but nearly every media. SO don't take it personally.

Peon A finds a sensationalistic news (YES. I wrote sensationalistic!) and figure out his own media/site/whatever didn't report it.

Peon A quickly make up an article about it without any second though.

Appears that a horde of Peon A's actually copied an article stating that:

In an INTERNAL DEVELOPER RELEASE support for a functionality is bugged and wrongly state (while it's his own judgement at best) support will be removed from future versions.

Of course, the bug been fixed and the report irrelevant.

That's not your fault. That's humanity, medias, whatever. Point is, it is still a sensationalistic news item, with worthless info inside. It gives ad clicks I suppose.

yes, my words sound harsh, but some days i'd like people to wake up and use their own "fking" common sense instead of following the crowd.

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