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KDE KDE 4.3.3 has been released. "KDE 4.3.3 has a number of improvements that will make your life just a little bit better. Some of KWin's effects have been smoothed and freed of visual glitches, JuK should now be more stable, KDE PIM has seen its share of improvements while in the back-rooms of KDE, the developers are working hard on porting all applications to the new Akonadi storage and cache."
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Kubuntu is not a good choice for KDE
by DeadFishMan on Thu 5th Nov 2009 18:11 UTC
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I don't know what it is but there is always something terribly broken as far as KDE is concerned in Kubuntu. Debian's KDE is almost vanilla and that is, I think, the reason that it works so well so I can relate to those that commented above using it on Arch, Gentoo, etc.

My biggest complaint with Debian as far as KDE goes is that the packagers simply refuse to package all the dependencies required for Strigi to work correctly and the workaround to make it work is not for the faint of heart. Admittedly, their position is understandable given that the Sesame2 backend's dependencies do look like something hard to maintain but the net result for the end user is a Nepomuk daemon that will work with manually tagged data but that will not use the amazing search capabilities that Strigi offers. Unfortunately, seems like the Debian developers decided to wait until the Virtuoso backend for Strigi is ready for prime time but that may take a little while.

Other than that, my KDE experience with Sid has been top notch and I have no complaints. Whereas everytime that I try to Kubuntu, I somehow manage to find major issues within hours.

The fact that Kubuntu is related to Ubuntu is very unfortunate as its high visibility within the community, specially for newcomers, certainly contribute to this image that KDE is unstable being spread in certain circles.

People looking for a good KDE experience should try to get as close as possible to the source like the packages maintained by most community distros or resort to distros whose developers actually care about a good KDE experience such as Mandriva and OpenSUSE. I intend to give another shot with the later two really soon to see if I like them better than Sid on my laptop.

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