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Linux As we all know, Mac OS X has support for what is called 'fat binaries'. These are binaries that can carry code for for instance multiple architectures - in the case of the Mac, PowerPC and x86. Ryan Gordon was working on an implementation of fat binaries for Linux - but due to the conduct of the Linux maintainers, Gordon has halted the effort.
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by boldingd on Thu 5th Nov 2009 23:55 UTC
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I quietly dreaded OS News getting ahold of this one; about all I can say is, "in before hate-fest."

Honestly, I agree with the Kernel team, it sounds like a lot of complexity was being added to solve something that wasn't really a problem. Exactly as detailed, it's a cute idea, and it'd be great if it carried no cost, but it touches a lot of very basic, fundamental things in the system. Not to mention the minor quibble that it means that many Linux binaries could potentially have lots of different binaries stuffed into them, which kinda seems like a frivolous waste of space -- even if not very much.

And, heh, just a minor point, we're not talking about a closed-source project here. If a lot of users want this included in the kernel, you can actually start writing mails directly to the kernel maintainers -- or try to submit your own patches, if you're so inclined. If a large groundswell of demand shows up, the kernel team may relent.

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