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Linux As we all know, Mac OS X has support for what is called 'fat binaries'. These are binaries that can carry code for for instance multiple architectures - in the case of the Mac, PowerPC and x86. Ryan Gordon was working on an implementation of fat binaries for Linux - but due to the conduct of the Linux maintainers, Gordon has halted the effort.
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RE[4]: bah
by lemur2 on Fri 6th Nov 2009 03:04 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: bah"
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* 9MB - mshtml.dll - The Trident rendering engine, the largest and most complicated part of Internet Explorer.
* 2MB - explorer.exe - Your start menu and file manager.
* 13MB - shell32.dll - All of the Windows UI control implementation
* 5MB - ntoskrnl.exe (!!!) - The Windows kernel, including all process and memory management, is five megabytes.

You can't get any of those for PPC or ARM.

If you could, why would it hurt anyone to have to download it from a different URL than the URL for the x86 versions?

If there was Windows available for PPC and ARM, would you be happy to download the PPC and ARM binaries for every item in a Windows update, only to discard them when they arived on your machine?

It is far saner to have separate binaries for each architecture supported.

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