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Bugs & Viruses Computers are taking on ever more important roles in our daily lives. They used to be simple tools to get simple things done - work-related, mostly, maybe a few simple games, and that was it. However, over time, they have become the central hubs for all sorts of data - including precious data. For his Master of Fine Arts thesis project, Zach Gage illustrated just how important our computer data has become.
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RE[5]: Puh-lease
by azior on Fri 6th Nov 2009 13:09 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Puh-lease"
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I agree that users SHOULD read onscreen notices, but the reality is that they DON'T. It's one of the reasons why malware has become such a persistent problem.

That's exactly what this software wants to prove. Even with warnings people do stupid things. If they are hurt they will blame the software instead of their ignorance.

This software/art project is a very explicit way of making this clear and makes us geeks more aware of this problem. We can try and act accordingly.

People learn about the dangers of driving and are instructed to use safety measure to avoid them. With computers, they don't know about all the dangers involved.

But these people are not at fault. Since computers have become such an import factor of our lives, they should be made aware of the dangers and safety measures. But who can and will?

PS: I want that game on a virtual machine!

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